How does Temporarily Your’s work?

Temporarily Your’s is handbag and accessory hire service that operates solely in Western Australia. Select one or more of our items to rent against your desired calendar dates. Complete the booking and your item/s will arrive on your doorstep on your requested date prior to 5pm. Love, cherish and use the item for your chosen dates. Simply return the item at a close-by Australia Post Office, placing the item in it’s original packaging in the pre-paid and addressed satchel provided upon rental.

Why does the rental price vary on each item?

The rental price varies depending on the initial retail pricing of the item.

Are all the products available at Temporarily Your’s real?

All products available at Temporarily Your’s are 100% authentic, purchased brand new from authorised retailers and will be delivered in original designer dust bags.

What is the security deposit fee?

The security deposit fee is paid upon each order as a security for the return of the handbags or accessory to Temporarily Your’s in its original condition. The deposit is retained through the hire period and once the item is safely returned in its original condition this fee will be refunded into your account.

Can I make a booking for my friend?

Unfortunately, you can not hire on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague at this stage, however you may email us at info@temporarilyyours.online to arrange a gift card.

What if I accidentally damage/stain/tear the handbag or accessory?

Upon our discretion of the damage you will be charged as per our Terms and Conditions. All damage will be inspected and evaluated for repair, cleaning or replacement cost of the item if it can not be returned to it’s original condition. Depending on the severity of the damage you may be refunded the security deposit fee.

What if I receive my order and it is damaged/stained/broken?

All our products are purchased brand-new and received in pristine condition. Temporarily Your’s inspects all rentals upon return and carries out a detailed clean prior to shipping. In an unlikely case, that you receive your order in poor condition you must immediately contact Temporarily Your’s, sending clear photographs to info@temporarilyyours.online showcasing the damage.

What happens if the previous renter is late returning the item?

In the rare occurrence of this happening, Temporarily Your’s will contact you immediately to discuss this issue.

Can I take my order interstate or overseas with me?

Unfortunately, at this stage of business we only operate in Western Australia, therefore you can not take our items interstate or international due to insurance and security issues.

Common Terms and Definitions
  • Business Day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the state of Western Australia.
  • Damage means any tear, mark, stain, discolouration, mechanism malfunction or any other harm whatsoever.
  • Dispatch Date means the date the Accessory is lodged with Australia Post by Temporarily Yours for delivery to the Customer.
  • Hire Fee means the total cost to the Customer of hiring the Accessory for the Hire Period from as identified on the Website.
  • Hire Period means the period between the Requested Delivery Date and the Return Date, inclusive of both.
  • Order means an order placed by a Customer on the Website for hire of a particular Accessory.
  • Original Condition means the condition which an Accessory is in at the time it is dispatched to the Customer for an Order.
  • Requested Delivery Date means the date that the Customer has requested the Accessory to arrive to the Customer.
  • Return Date means the Business Day on which the Customer must lodge return delivery of the Accessory to Temporarily Yours via Australia Post.
  • Security Deposit means the sum of $250 to be paid upon each Order as a security for the return of the Accessory to Temporarily Yours in its Original Condition.


How long is the rental period?

Depending on the price of the product, selected items are available to be rented for one night however, some pieces have a minimum of three nights hire. All products are available to be hired for 3, 5 or 7+ nights and can be hired for whichever period suits you best, with a maximum of a one month hire period.

When should I make a reservation for a bag or accessory?

Bookings must be made at least 2 business days prior to your desired requested delivery date.

What type of cards can I pay with?

Temporarily Your’s accepts all card types including Mastercard, Visa and American Express as we utilise PayPal to process all orders.

I’m a returning customer, do I still need to pay the security deposit?

The security deposit is required to be paid on all orders from new and returning customers as a safekeeping and protection of the item.

Do you provide interstate rental?

Unfortunately, at this stage of business we do not provide an Australia-wide hire service and operate solely in Western Australia. In the near future we have plans to expand our service to interstate.

Can I extend the hire once I receive the item?

It is always hard to say good-bye, email us at info@temporarilyyours.online two days prior to your return date and we can see if we can make your dreams come true.


How can I change my account email/password?

Simply by clicking on your account profile, options to edit your details are easily available.

How can I make changes to my order?

Please email us at info@temporarilyyours.online with your order number and desired changes.

How do I change my shipping address after I’ve already placed my order?

Please email us at info@temporarilyyours.online immediately if you have provided us with the wrong shipping address. This is essential to be at least completed 2 days prior to the dispatch date of your order.

How do I cancel my order? What is your refund policy?

To cancel an order please email us at info@temporarilyyours.online to receive a full refund including the hire fee and security deposit, but you must notify us via email two weeks prior to your requested delivery date. Less than two weeks prior to your requested delivery date, Temporarily Your’s will refund half of the hire fee and a full refund of the security deposit. Please note we do not provide refunds for ‘change of minds’ but may offer you a credit or exchange.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping at Temporarily Your’s is easy and free, the way shopping should be.

Is a signature required for delivery?

As all our pieces are of great value and highly coveted pieces we do require your signature on delivery. If you are unable to answer the door, a note will be left in your mailbox for you to take to the Post Office, just don’t forget to bring a form of identification with you.

What time will my order arrive? Do you deliver on weekends?

Your order will arrive at your doorstep by 5pm on your selected business day. Saturday delivery is currently only available to customers based in the Perth metropolitan area.

Can I track my order online?

Yes, you can definitely keep track of your order delivery on the Australia Post website with the tracking number we will supply you with.


How do I return my order?

Returns are super easy at Temporarily Your’s and completed in two simple steps, upon opening the delivery satchel of your item you will find a prepaid and addressed return satchel.

  1. Please place the item in it’s original packaging exactly how you received it. Placed it in it’s dust bag and box, then inside the return satchel.
  2. Simply take the return to the closest Australia Post Office by 2pm or 11:30am on Saturdays (Perth-Time) on your elected return date to complete an over-the-counter delivery (you can not utilise street post boxes). Please do not throw away any lodgement details/paperwork given to you by Australia Post for proof of return.
What if my rental ends on a Sunday or public holiday?

If you rental ends on a Sunday or public holiday, an Australia Post Office will not be open therefore your return date will be the following day of business.

What if I return my order late? Do penalties apply?

We all forget things sometimes, however we will send you a reminder text message on your return date. If you forget to check your phone on this date, you will be charge an additional daily hire fee for each day the item has not been received after the return date. The additional daily hire fee will be equal to the value of one nights hire fee.

Can I keep the handbag, sunglasses or accessory?

Please email us at info@temporarilyyours.online and we can see what we can do.

What if I lose the Australia Post return satchel sent with my order?

If this issue happens to occur you will be required to personally pay for an Express Australia Post satchel and the price of delivery.

Please note our shipping address:

Temporarily Your’s
17 Watt Link
Forrestdale WA 6112

Can I track my return online to make sure you definitely receive the item?

You can track the journey of your return by simply visiting http://auspost.com.au and entering the tracking number provided on lodgement of the return.

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